Last year I noticed that my 9 year old Golden Retriever/Collie mix was sleeping a lot, getting very tired during walks and limping, which I thought was all due to his age. After a visit to his vet he was diagnosed with diabetes, arthritis and placed on thyroid medication. He takes insulin for the diabetes and pain medication for the arthritis. Unfortunately the weather started to change and the cold got him limping again. Two weeks ago I put the Body Balance BB-XT55 Pendant on his collar to see if this could help him instead of the pain medication ( which sometimes makes him throw up). By the third day I noticed that he was more alert during the day and taking less naps. Instead of sleeping he was bringing me his favorite toy to play. What impressed me the most was when I saw him walk without a limp day after day. During his walks he actually prances down the street and now I have to catch up to him. I’m so happy with the results I saw in him and very excited to see what other benefits come with long term use.

- Nivea Santiago

My dogs are very important to me. They are so loyal and always great company. Brutus & Cocoa are 8.5 and TBone is nearly 11. Per your request I have attached picture and you can feel free to use my testimony any way it helps your company to get this wonderful product revealed to the world. I was really becoming concerned over the boys energy levels. When I read a similar experience about energy levels on your website. Bulls are wonderful animals in spite of all the controversy over some pits being dangerous. They are loving and caring pets. Bulls in general can develop a lot of diseases at a younger age like arthritis, they are prone to strokes etc. I decided nothing was to good for my babies and ordered three male tags in hopes of TBone would start feeling better and Brutus and Cocoa would continue feeling well even though they were developing some stiff joints. Your customer service is excellent; I received my Vitamin Tags early and immediately put them on the babies collars. That very evening there was a huge difference in all their energy levels and it has continued day after day. They are running, happy and playful all the time now. The joint stiffness is greatly diminished if not completely gone. Before their appetite had diminished somewhat and I could see their energy levels has deteriorated somewhat. They spent more time laying around. I can attest to the fact that this product does restore your pets appetite and helps them in so many ways, how it works I don’t know, all I know is it does work and TBone is completely healed, on behalf of all of us we thank you so much. By the way I agree with your other customers statement they defiantly have a healthier and happier glow about them! And this vitamin tag any pet owner would be proud to have their pets sport around.

- Sarah Kelly

After seeing how your technology in the pet tags helped my dog last year I decided to order some of your bands and cream. I just wanted to tell you how incredible your formulas are. My whole family now wares your bands, and after a hard day at work and sore muscles a small bit of the cream is incredible for preventing soreness. The most amazing thing about your cream is my dogs are Mastiff’s Champion and Old Red. Champion cut his foot really bad a few weeks ago. I feared it was going to become infected so I started applying the cream to it with a light bandage. My girlfriend and I did this everyday and I am literally beside myself to see how quickly such a severe wound could heal in just a week. Champion has been with our family many years more so he is actually part of our family. I just cannot believe such remarkable products can have such an immense effect on the animals we love. I am telling all my friends about your products. As for myself I just cannot thank you enough. In response to your last email, we do want you to know you can use our testimonies on your websites or in any other way you would like to. As per your request our picture is attached Old Red Left, myself, and Champion. We believe the whole world needs to know about your products. Many people love their animals in the same way that we do and believe they are not just pets they are truly part of the family.

- James Chin

Hello Vitamin tag, my dog is older like me. He had become very crippled but has really gotten over his stiff joint ache and pains. Over the last year he has developed a number of tumor like lumps. My son knows how much I love Pacco and he ordered me some cream and a vitamin tag for him. I was amazed over a period of 2 weeks how much this technology & formulations helped him. Thank you Vitamin Tag and cream technology. I am feeling better because Pacco feels amazing and has much more energy. Is it not strange how the love for our animals also affects us when they are not feeling well. My son said we should help you, to help people, help their animals. So yes you can use our pictures and testimonies.

- James Nguyen