BB Pet Tag


The BB Pet Tag, like our other products, contains a 100% natural mineral based technology, which provides pain relief and immune system boosting effects to your pet! This tag has been shown to alleviate pain from arthritis, inflammation, and aid in recovery from injury.

The BB Pet Tag is your pet’s best line of defense in today’s world. While it’s on your pet, it releases a mineral based technology that improves oxygen and nutrition flow in the body. Just by wearing the Vitamin Tag, your pet is better equipped to stay healthy and handle toxins on daily basis!

It can be difficult to know when your pet is sick or in pain. BB Pet Tag helps reducing symptoms of arthritis, like pain, inflammation, and discomfort. Unlike other treatments for pets with arthritis or joint pain, the BB Pet Tag helps to repair the root problems without any side effects.

The same way we are health conscious about our bodies, we want to make sure our pets get the best love and care too! We are confident that your pet will love the difference the BB Pet Tag will make in your pet’s life!

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