The Gen 2 bracelet has been great! Since using it, I feel more energetic when working! Also, I feel more focused throughout the day! I love it

Jason Garcia

I am a former UNLV Rebel, and have played in the Pro Am Circuits of Basketball for many years. Over the year I have sustained many injuries and eventually was on heavy medications for pa in. Ultimately I decided to quit the pros, because the medications that I was taking for pain was messing up my stomach lining. I continued living in pain and tried to only get by with an occasional Advil, until I met Johnny Lee Ruston, the founder of BB-XT55 cream. Johnny introduced myself, and the whole Atlanta, Ga.Pro Am Basketball Team to , the formulations of his cream product and convinced us that everything was natural in the product, The whole team started using the cream on my last Pro Am Game in April of 2010. One day before the championship games, I had some tremendous pain from my old injuries and I wore the band all night.

To my surprise I woke up the next morning Pain Free and have remained pain, and prescription drug free every since. Johnny and his team have continuously supplied us with free samples of the cream to see if there were any negative long term side effects and all I can say is all of the results have been extremely positive. We are anxious for Johnny to launch this product into the world market as we have all witnessed remarkable results in so many areas of use of the cream. I fully endorse the Johnny Lee Ruston, His company and most of all the wonderful cream formulations, he has brought out to the world for groups of all ages, My wife and all of my children use the Cream Products and we recommend it to everyone we see.

The last thing I can add is that the cream instantly improves, in a dramatic way, relief of pain, inflammation and overall suffering, but more than this gives you an overall sense of wellbeing and helps with pain in so many different areas.

- Patrick Savoy

I am a Fire Management Officer with the National Park Service, Department of the Interior. I am in my 25th year as a firefighter; this job is a very demanding both physically and mentally. Over the years, my body has taken quite a bit of abuse from the physical rigors of what the job entails.
Wildland firefighting can be physically demanding for long periods of time. Fire assignments require that firefighters work under arduous and stressful conditions – working in heavy smoke and intense heat, climbing steep and rugged terrain, and working with minimal sleep or rest, working very long hours and carrying heavy packs and equipment. During these years this work required many hours and days of hiking, bending over for long periods of time digging fire line, all of which has been incredibly demanding and harsh on my body. In addition I suffered an accident in which I broke my back and after fully recovering I have endured some back pain throughout the years with muscle spasms and some chronic pain, until I was introduced to your product about a year ago. After using the cream with the BB-XT55 formulation for only a few days I realized that I was sleeping soundly, my back pain and spasms had disappeared and even my demeanor had improved. I have encountered countless pain relieve cream and medications both Pharmaceutical and over the counter and I have never come across any product or method that works like your product has for me. Since being introduced to the cream and your generous supply of months of product, I am happy to inform you that my wife has also had great results. She in turn has the kids using it. Her son in particular has noticed a great improvement with the cream as he was dealing with pain from a back injury and interrupted sleep. I thank you for the great product and benefits it has given me and those close to me. Kindly keep us informed when you have the product commercially available for purchase. 

Chuck Heard

I’m a mother of two sons, two and four years old. As a single mother it’s hard for me to get a great restful night’s sleep with the aches and pains that I feel in my lower back and my neck. My boys are constantly jumping on me and rough housing that it’s tough to keep up. I was introduced to Valescere by a mother of four who was just raving about it! After putting Valescere on my neck and back I was quickly relieved. Not only was the pain gone but I was able to sleep much more soundly at night.

Jana Johnson

To my new dear friend and mentor, Mr. Johnny Lee Ruston, I trust all is well, words cannot express my gratitude for what you have accomplished for so many people with so many with different illnesses in so little time. I understand now first hand your passion behind this new technology and I’m forever grateful now that my own mother has greater peace of mind with her battle against cancer. I truly comprehend the importance of getting the “BB-XT55 formulated Cream” product to every man, woman and child.
My own personal experience has been remarkable. As a dancer and choreographer of 15 years, I injured my right knee many years ago and had many related problems after. About two years ago I had a motorcycle accident and stretch my ligaments in my knee very badly again, and couldn’t walk for almost two months do to the accident it affected my posture my leg mussels were very week to the point that I was not able to put my body wait to my right side. Since I’ve been using the product I’ve had no more pain and my leg mussel are stronger and now I can put my body weight and balance my poster better. There is a significant increase with my focus and awareness as well. I personally endorse your product and strongly believe this is the future in medicine & advance technology. My best wishes with your future endeavors.

Joel T.

The auto ship program is just awesome for someone with a busy schedule like me. Every month I have a new jar and I don’t ever worry about running out. Valescere has made being a customer so convenient I recommend it to everyone!

Marsha Gekko

If my boys get bruised or hurt themselves, I just put Valescere on their bruises or fresh scars and their gone the very next day! Not only that, you guys stand completely by the “100% Natural” guarantee! My two year old got a hold of my jar of Valescere and started eating it! I was terrified, I immediately called your company and spoke with a representative who kindly helped me through it. Long story short my boy was fine, just a little bit of diarrhea but nothing serious. That’ll teach him to get in mommy’s products! Thanks Valescere this is a mother’s cure all!”

- Nancy Martinez

Body Balance bracelets help me last longer, work harder, and recover faster! The life of a body builder is tough.

- Peter Jenkins

To whom it may concern, I was given the Gen 2 bracelet in March 2011 and I am very satisfied with the product. I used to suffer from a general anxiety disorder. My symptoms were fatigue and high stress. Within 2 days of using the cream, I was able to stop taking my anti-depressant medication and my original symptoms never came back.

I developed arthritis in my neck when I was serving in the U.S. Air Force from 2002 – 2007. The cream dramatically helped reduce my pain symptoms. I do not have to use my electronic messaging device any longer because of the cream. The formulation also severely reduced my carpal tunnel pain, which exists in both of my arms.

My step father also benefited from the cream. He was not able to walk or stand for more than a few minutes. After wearing the bracelet for a week, he was able to walk to the store and move inside his house better.

Even though I strongly recommend and endorse this product because of the benefits that helped my family Live a better life.

- Phillip Tribble

Last year I noticed that my 9 year old Golden Retriever/Collie mix was sleeping a lot, getting very tired during walks and limping, which I thought was all due to his age. After a visit to his vet he was diagnosed with diabetes, arthritis and placed on thyroid medication. He takes insulin for the diabetes and pain medication for the arthritis. Unfortunately the weather started to change and the cold got him limping again. Two weeks ago I put the Body Balance BB-XT55 Pendant on his collar to see if this could help him instead of the pain medication ( which sometimes makes him throw up). By the third day I noticed that he was more alert during the day and taking less naps. Instead of sleeping he was bringing me his favorite toy to play. What impressed me the most was when I saw him walk without a limp day after day. During his walks he actually prances down the street and now I have to catch up to him. I’m so happy with the results I saw in him and very excited to see what other benefits come with long term use.

- Nivea Santiago

My dogs are very important to me. They are so loyal and always great company. Brutus & Cocoa are 8.5 and TBone is nearly 11. Per your request I have attached picture and you can feel free to use my testimony any way it helps your company to get this wonderful product revealed to the world. I was really becoming concerned over the boys energy levels. When I read a similar experience about energy levels on your website. Bulls are wonderful animals in spite of all the controversy over some pits being dangerous. They are loving and caring pets. Bulls in general can develop a lot of diseases at a younger age like arthritis, they are prone to strokes etc. I decided nothing was to good for my babies and ordered three male tags in hopes of TBone would start feeling better and Brutus and Cocoa would continue feeling well even though they were developing some stiff joints. Your customer service is excellent; I received my Vitamin Tags early and immediately put them on the babies collars. That very evening there was a huge difference in all their energy levels and it has continued day after day. They are running, happy and playful all the time now. The joint stiffness is greatly diminished if not completely gone. Before their appetite had diminished somewhat and I could see their energy levels has deteriorated somewhat. They spent more time laying around. I can attest to the fact that this product does restore your pets appetite and helps them in so many ways, how it works I don’t know, all I know is it does work and TBone is completely healed, on behalf of all of us we thank you so much. By the way I agree with your other customers statement they defiantly have a healthier and happier glow about them! And this vitamin tag any pet owner would be proud to have their pets sport around.

- Sarah Kelly

After seeing how your technology in the pet tags helped my dog last year I decided to order some of your bands and cream. I just wanted to tell you how incredible your formulas are. My whole family now wares your bands, and after a hard day at work and sore muscles a small bit of the cream is incredible for preventing soreness. The most amazing thing about your cream is my dogs are Mastiff’s Champion and Old Red. Champion cut his foot really bad a few weeks ago. I feared it was going to become infected so I started applying the cream to it with a light bandage. My girlfriend and I did this everyday and I am literally beside myself to see how quickly such a severe wound could heal in just a week. Champion has been with our family many years more so he is actually part of our family. I just cannot believe such remarkable products can have such an immense effect on the animals we love. I am telling all my friends about your products. As for myself I just cannot thank you enough. In response to your last email, we do want you to know you can use our testimonies on your websites or in any other way you would like to. As per your request our picture is attached Old Red Left, myself, and Champion. We believe the whole world needs to know about your products. Many people love their animals in the same way that we do and believe they are not just pets they are truly part of the family.

- James Chin

Hello Vitamin tag, my dog is older like me. He had become very crippled but has really gotten over his stiff joint ache and pains. Over the last year he has developed a number of tumor like lumps. My son knows how much I love Pacco and he ordered me some cream and a vitamin tag for him. I was amazed over a period of 2 weeks how much this technology & formulations helped him. Thank you Vitamin Tag and cream technology. I am feeling better because Pacco feels amazing and has much more energy. Is it not strange how the love for our animals also affects us when they are not feeling well. My son said we should help you, to help people, help their animals. So yes you can use our pictures and testimonies.

- James Nguyen